Since 1980 Tech Oil Products has manufactured offshore waste compactors, recycling balers, & DNV compliant offshore cargo baskets for the oilfield and marine industries. Our offshore waste compactors, commercial balers, drum crushers, MARPOL food grinders (macerators), filter crushers are known worldwide for their reliable & safe operation. Since 1980 Tech Oil has been a leader in quality equipment and rental tools with customers worldwide!

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Tech Oil Products has engineered the innovative SafeSub® offshore device as the solution for challenges in the handling and transporting of subs offshore. Since 1980, Tech Oil Products has understood the unique difficulties and dangers presented on offshore installations.
recycle the gulf
Recycle the Gulf® Program is a shared endeavor to protect our environment while enriching our community. The offshore recycling program is a partnership between Oil & Gas companies and Tech Oil Products, Inc. to benefit the Arc of Iberia, as well as our environment.
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